Zenphoto shopping cart plugin

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Integrates a shopping basket/cart into Zenphoto CMS that uses Simplecart.js which allows you to turn your gallery into a shop for selling your images.

More options coming soon. (Updating Google Wallet and Amazon Check out stay tuned)

Installation Instructions Unzip files and upload the 'yourzenphotoinstalltion/plugins' folder. Go to plugins>ZenSimpleCart and set your paypal email.

After installation Place this anywhere in your theme's image.php file where you want the CART to appear. <?php if (function_exists('printCartPrice')) { ?><?php printCartPrice(); ?><?php } ?>

Place in the index or header in your theme's image.php where ever you want the CART add widget to appear. <?php if (function_exists('printCartWidget')) { ?><?php printCartWidget(); ?><?php } ?>

Pricing can be set added in "Album" or "Image" in "Custom Codeblock" section(image codeblocks are loaded first) FORMAT separate price from description with ";" and separate each section with "|" you can use carriage return after ever "|".

49.00;8x10 matte|99.00;12x16 gloss |300.00;16x20 black and white |1000.00;100 cm x 80 poster