Zenphoto Publisher

This is a Lightroom publishing service plugin, that gives you the ability to manage your Zenphoto website.

You will be able to sync and update your image through a farmilar interface.

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What is Zenphoto

Zenphoto is a standalone CMS for multimedia focused websites. Our focus lies on being easy to use and having all the features there when you need them (but out of the way if you do not.) Zenphoto features support for images, video and audio formats, and the Zenpage CMS plugin provides a fully integrated news section (blog) and custom pages to run entire websites. This makes Zenphoto the ideal CMS for personal websites of illustrators, artists, designers, photographers, film makers and musicians.

Lightroom 5 Support


list of cool things the plugin can do

Newest version is

Download .zip


The installation is very simple. The download comes as a ZIP-file which contains two directories:

  • ZenphotoPublisher.lrplugin – is the Lightroom plug-in which must be installed from the Lightroom Plugin Manager
  • plugins - copy this folder to the root of you installation this creates the interaction between Lightroom an Zenphoto. (this should be easier) example: /rootweb/Zenphotoinstall/
Configuration Once you copy pluginfiles to your Zenphoto installation. You will then need to install the ZenphotoPublisher.lrplugin via the Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager. When you have done this and you’ll have activated the plug-in you’ll need to do some configuration steps to connect with your server:

lightroom publishing Go to the Publish Service section of Lightroom and select the “Zenphoto Publisher” Enter a name for the service (any string is possible) Enter the URL of your Zenphoto server (without “http”) Open the Publish Service again and login (enter admin username and password)

Bugs & Limitations

Due to a bug in Lightroom, the Zenphoto sub-albums are not yet fully supported. ROADMAP If you afraid problems then make use of the sync buttons from withing the “Sync Albums/Images collection. This works in any case!

Virtual Copys
There is no easy way to say this but,..."VC are NOT SUPPORTED" after vetting the algorithm I used to accurately sync images on your Zenphoto and Light-room libary this is no way to determine if the image or the VC is the correct version to use during a sync. The workaround would be to give your VC a unique name or some identifier that way LR knows what image or VC to sync with.

Know bugs after update.

No way around it but does not affect everyone. 1. BUG: You need to add back your instances of Zenphoto (user-name password etc)
2. FIXED: Re-Syncing your albums and images is a must for most systems this way it purges lightrooms old data and creates new ones.

ATTENTION: never make an album part of itself or of an containing sub-album.

Report a bug/issue

Report a bug/issue

Change Log


Minor updates and fixes THANKS FOR ALL THE BUG REPORTS!!. I made plug-in that now interfaces with Zenphoto natively (mostly) and in the future it will have more options to turn off and on certain features (stay tunned)

1. UPDATE: You can know add comments via the Lightroom interface
2. ADDED: Self updates will now include the PHP RPC files (love automation)
3. ADDED: comment and rating plugin are checked to see if its turned on and disble/enable in lightroom as needed.
4. ADDED: Now there is a offical working plugin with more options to come.


I have been able to add more features eversince I CRUSHED some major bugs

1. UPDATE: Ablity to Clear,Open and Submit the Debug log (makes my life and your life easier)
2. ADDED: Self updating so you no longer have to keep checking github (AT LAST)
3. ADDED: supported for Virtual Images in Lightroom
4. FIXED: Syncing issue now supports all date formats.


This is a massive rewrite of the Lightroom and Zenphoto API. It had to be done and have to say every major bug has been squashed. Even some of the issues I had vanished instantly.

1. ADDED: Converted the API from XML to JSON
2. FIXED: Removed all useless code and consolidated other functions
3. FIXED: OSX/MAC users will be happy with this version
4. ADDED: Redid the plugin side of the interface for easier updates and future changes.
5. ADDED: Clean up code to removed older entries from previous versions
6. FIXED: Clean up loggin of data
7. CHANGE: 4.5.0 branch is a HUGE fork from the original.

After bug testing for over a week and doing multiple test of different versions I am confident the this will soon superseded the 3.0 and 4.0 branches. I still have some work to do but as I can see is fit for release.


Added the ability to sync comments and ratings from Zenphoto system (cant add comments yet maybe in 4.0.2) Fix tons of problems and little quirks.

date Version = ff77e4d

This build corrects some bugs I introduced in the 4.0.1 build in my eagerness to get certain new features out ...this has been fixed and I have gone over a new procedure of testing EVERYTHING (each procedure) before releasing a development build. One major accomplishment was retooling the XMLRPC plugin service for better/deeper integration with Zenphoto and fixed a long time problem with the image sync logic ..

It now versify's both the filename and the date of the capture that is embedded in the EXIF data. This "will" end the issue where the default filenames such as IMG_001 in another folder in you lightroom library some where will not be used unless the date matches . (This has been big problem for me personally) Other small enhancements and corrections (more debug code too) Add more debug and logging info this should help find those bugs. Fully supported instances of Zenphoto publisher plugin, why because some of us have more than install of ZP and would like to manage them all.. Several other bugs and enhancements I forgot to document :)


Major update 3.0.2


Ability to delete albums !astring:nil on the mac UTF8:bom error more trace and debug logs Fixed bugs in XMLRPC.php cause errors updated the IXR_Library from 1.6.1 to 1.7.4 many many more


Ability to have multiple Zenphoto publisher instances (supports multiple installations of Zenphoto) Updated some usability problems for new and old users. moved zp-lightroom to the plugins folder. removed zp-lightroom from the use dialog (not needed anymore). to much to mention.. :)


many users have reported huge problems with the version 1.5. Unfortunately until now I couldn’d find the reason why the plugin isn’t working on these systems but on my one – I love computers! :-( Until I have found the error I have decided do “downgrade” the plugin and have removed the code which seems to make trouble. This release contains now all bug fixes and changes of v1.5 but does not support multiple instances of the publish service anymore. Sorry for any inconveniences!


“Why did I fork this Project”

Well I use both programs a lot and when I first started to use the plugin in Lightroom it was a BIG life savior and it speed up my workflow then I bumped in to the limitations, bugs and feature request.

Well the progress was VERY SLOW and answers was slower and I needed things like multiple instances, better image sync, self updates, tighter integration with Zenphoto. That how this fork was born.

“Was it hard to take over?”

At first yes took a bit to understand the code. There was not enough debug logging and something just did not make sense. So the first thing I did was a complete re-write of the debug logging code. This help greatly (actually copied from one of my other plugins)

After that I updated the authentication login (it supports Zenphoto natively) once I got things moved around it begin to make sense.

“Why did you move to JSON”

This was a BIG jump thanks to Jeffery for the JSON source code.

Ever since I took over the code it seems like it always had an issue with MAC computers and this carried over from the original source also. After a month of debugging I found it had to do with XML parsing and BOM code keep getting in the mix. I finally gave up trying to fix it and do workarounds. SO it took me 2 days solid to do a COMPLETE rewrite of the API on both LR and Zenphoto side. After all that was said and done I came out with cleaner code... I can understand it, and runs a bit faster. OSX LOVES IT funny thing is a few bugs disappeared immediately after I got JSON API fully integrated yea so the XML interface had some issues.

“How is the response”

Well I never took this project over to help anyone per say ... I wanted it to work for me, but I sure others wanted some of the features and fixes. So the side effect was quite a few people who used both thanking me for taking it over. They even surprised that I answere questions so quickly and usually have a fix ready in a less than a hour longest was a few days.

“How long will you support Zenphoto” I am not going anywhere and will be fully supporting this fork for quite sometime. You a feature request or found a bug just ask if its something I can do it will be done.

“Would you like to Thank anyone” SURE for one Lars for releasing the plugin source, Loki for taking over the project after the release. Big shout goes to sbillard and acrylian the Zenphoto develeopers. Oh and Jeffery for his help when I first started writing plugins for Lightroom so many months ago.



In the works auto update feature.
Sub-folder support in Lightroom
Better "missing images" support (not reliable again)
Album password coming in 4.5.1 soon
Lightroom 5 Support

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